With all camera and systems in place, it takes 5 minutes to setup the event and start record or broadcast. This can be done by anyone with non-technical skill.
The interface is designed for effortless setup, seamlessly transitioning into professional recording and broadcast.

Investing in a comprehensive video recording and broadcast system can bring about significant costs, and but the expenses linked to staffing surpass them. With Greyhound, the entire workflow transforms into a self-sustaining process, encompassing camera control and multi-camera system editing. This enables technician-free production, reducing costs and freeing up resources to focus on content creation, streamlining the production process.

The system Greyhound make AI-based decisions on what is happening on stage based on presenters placement and action in a 3D environment, sound and voices, audience interactions. With this Greyhound decides what camera to be used and point it to the correct place with correct focus.

A web based interface runs the show by start, broadcast, cue special event and other pre-worked phases.

The cameras and hardware are standard professional components but are controlled by a own developed proprietary software that are unique on the market.

Greyhound outsmarts any cameraman and production manager by making immediate decisions for new angles and targets, so the number of cameras can be few but are used so the impression is that it is many more.

Even with complex events with multiple sections or numerous presenters on stage, this system provides extensive customization options. Users have full control over graphics, videos, scene layout and other settings.