Autonomous video system – Greyhound

The startup company, Green Dog Innovation, introduce our newly developed product – Greyhound.
It is the easiest tool now existing for recording and broadcast professional event videos without any technical personell.

By making the entire video production process autonomous, from camera operation to editing, we are able to enhance quality while reducing costs. Our cutting-edge approach leverages AI, robotics, positioning and autonomous software. Greyhound serves as a comprehensive system, effectively replacing the need for an entire production team.

Video production can’t get simpler than this.

The use of video media in various forms of communication is growing rapidly. Attending seminars or events remotely has almost become the norm. However, this process is labor-intensive and requires skilled technicians proficient in camera technology and creative expression.

Greyhound revolutionizes the entire workflow. This versatile system can be applied to various types of performances and events such as seminars, presentations, concerts and more.

Cost savings

By eliminating the requirement for technical staff, the Greyhound system reduces costs. All technical personell hiring and scheduling are obsolete.

User-friendly operation

Recording and broadcast with Greyhound is extremely simple and is done through a webinterface. It can be done from a smartphone anywhere in the premises.


The system eliminating the need for travel and thereby reducing carbon footprint, because the broadcast is interesting with the multi camera covering that conveys the content much more than just a web cam.

High-quality video production

The Greyhound system produces professional editing in real-time through autonomous decisions. It's like having a video producer and camera operators with ten years of experience running the system.

Showcase produced with Greyhound


Live music