How to start

It is quite simple. We deliver everything needed to record and broadcast your events. The system has a powerful computer prepared to be updated remotely. Camera and stands with clamps in cases.
The network, sound and powerpoint input, are delivered in rack case for easy transport or movement.


The hardware consist of standard professional video products. We put together a slim production rack that can be placed anywhere in the premises and controlled over wi-fi or internet on distance.

One time cost.


The software is the hero in the system. By analyse the stage and persons, the system controls cameras and cutting between cameras. Everything is automatically controlled, as zoom, focus, transitions etc. The system are continuous developed and updated remotely.

Software rent per quarter or year. 


By the design of the system, our Tech Center can online help you anywhere anytime. It can be questions about the system, but probably other issues with sound, powerpoint slides, led-walls that need to be solved. You don’t need to be a expert – we are.

Support are optional and depends on your own technical IT-skills for other questions than Greyhound (but errors with green color in the interface have free support).