With this new solution, who can benefit from using the Greyhound system?

Managers: In venues hosting numerous events, staffing can be optimized with Greyhound. Personnel can be redirected to more meaningful tasks rather than simply pointing a camera at a speaker and chose camera angle. With this system, one person can accomplish more, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity.

IT Personnel: You might be responsible for IT and digital equipment, which includes producing video recordings and streams. However, this task can be challenging, especially if you don’t identify yourself as a video producer. Greyhound takes care of decisions regarding framing, zooming, and seamlessly integrates everything into a professional production.

Professional Video Personnel: Don’t spend your valuable time and expertise solely on framing individuals. Instead, leverage your skills to enhance the event experience for participants. Here’s a tip for the future: broaden your skillset beyond event filming, as these autonomous video solutions will continue to evolve and improve…

Extremely simple

Greyhound can be semi- or fully automatic. Prepare in advance name and titels that can be cued in, use picture-in-picture, add slides etc. Send to Youtube, Teams or all other platforms.
With this a company can have the studio prepared in no time because anyone can help with the recording.

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On a stage the system automatically makes a great show – just add artists and it is done. The system finds interesting angles, audience, beat of the cutting – all those ”human” decisions are built into the system. Use pre-built artistic templates and productions. Leveraging pre-designed artistic templates and productions, Greyhound ensures that each show is consistently captivating and requires minimal effort.


In a studio the system can be fully automatic or semi-produced. Prepare in advance name and titels that can be cued in, use picture-in-picture, use slides etc.

The system follows the presenters with camera so when they look into a camera that camera is ”hot”, not the other way round.
With this a company can have the studio prepared in no time, because any personell that only can do that.


Events spanning multiple hours day after day are ideal scenarios for Greyhound, as the system remains consistently sharp and tireless. Whether it’s ”TED talks”, panel debates, or seminars, Greyhound excels in maintaining optimal performance. Simply prepare the desired look and feel, initiate the system, and seamlessly broadcast the event.

Video broadcast in your palm

Easy controlled in a web interface that make it simple to move around and do other things also. As helping with microphones, prepare the stage, get coffee…